Anonymous asked:
Are you single?

Absolutely not


It’s Ralph tho

wechippewa asked:
I love it how you're faith is so strong and you have a smart mind! Please stay that way we still need people like you in this generation 💖

Thank you sweetie ! I really appreciate you

fawajawa asked:
So is how she dresses and acts a bad example? I don't really listen to her music or keep up with her but I think outside her music she's a very real person and speaks about things that other stars don't

Don’t get me wrong I love her personality. I’m just stuck on how everyone keeps getting more and more naked. It’s upsetting to me especially since I’m a woman too. I want men to look at women as precious gems, not something they can find at a strip club and treat with no value. Does that make sense ?

memphisinmyblood asked:
Regarding Nicki, I think she can do better with her gift and recognize that she does have influence. But then again that can be said about many in the industry.

You’re absolutely right !

Anonymous asked:
I mean she has enough money shes a good rapper i dont think its necessary for her to show her fake body. The ass aint real it dont even move so whats the point in showing it off so much. The video is stupid af period.

She does have enough money to not have to show her body like that, you’re right but I don’t wanna knock her hustle and say the video is stupid because it was very creative. I just hate knowing that people are being influenced by her and she knows it yet she chooses to be a bad example smh..

Anonymous asked:
I agree with you about That video I just hate how when you expressing your opinions about what YOU feel is wrong people think that you're "hating" and solely that's not the case these people is bashing you are probably the same ones posting their vaginas and shit up here while their momma is in the next room... But hey it's that notion that "as long as she's making money" it's okay right?

Smh I’m glad you understand because to a person that stands completely neutral would see that getting into sexual positions half naked for EVERYONE to see is just not right no matter what ! I’m just tryna shed some light on those being influenced by the Devil. This is how he works.”